Whether in the market for your first adjustable pallet truck or another to add to your warehouse, there is a wide variety offered. You can find fork spread sizes from 20 12” x 36” to 27” x 72”. Most models have a load capacity of 5500 pounds. The lowered height of the forks are 2.9” off the floor, and the raised heights to 7.2”. Prices for the EZL Hydraulic Pallet Truck are from $299 to $719. These are the specifications of the EZL adjustable pallet truck.

A Uline pallet truck carries similar 5500 pound models but also carries a smaller model with a load capacity of only 3300 pounds with a fork spread of 21” x 48” for low profile/narrow, 27? X 48” for low profile, and 33?” x 48” for low profile/ 4 way. The prices on the Uline range from $259 to $469, the less expensive models for sale when purchasing 3 or more items.

For a homemade model check 411MHE, where you can find both repair parts and parts to make your own, if you so desire. 411MHE also sells New Eagle 55 Pallet Jacks from $229 each, with a 7 year pump warranty. With 411MHE parts, you can construct any kind of a pallet truck you wish, including an adjustable pallet truck.

Truck Pallet Rack

If you need something that can enter pallets from any angle and has an extra rack for bikes and other cargo, you may want to look at a four side pallet truck from Rack Maven. It allows you to load, position or unload 4-way entry pallets form all sides. Wesley International offers several models. All are heavier and more durable than the industry standards, with capacities up to 6500 pounds. Wesley can also make you a pallet truck to order. Just let them know what you need. They can be contacted through their website.

You can find an easy tilt pallet truck model for mini-pallet handling through LK Goodwin. These pallet trucks are constructed of 14-gauge, 1 1/8” O.D. steel tubing. The double-forked shoe is made of steel and automatically locks into position. They also have an aluminum frame model, lighter than the steel counterpart, which is recommended when the truck must be used around corrosive materials. These are all hand pallet trucks that come in a variety of fork lengths. They can carry up to 1000 pounds. Prices range from $582.15 to $1189.40. Also offered through LK Goodwin, and specially designed for their easy tilt trucks, are inexpensive pallets that handle up to 800 pounds.

These prices and products are not all inclusive, but they give you a good overview of what is available, and some places to begin your search. Some are very affordable, some quite pricey. The quality of each pallet truck is described in far more detail than is represented here. All the companies that sell an adjustable pallet truck are not included either. Before you make a purchase, feel free to research products and prices and make your own comparisons. You know your own needs. You also know your budget. Once you begin looking for what is available, you’ll be able to find exactly what your business needs.